Review Policy

Attention, authors and publishers! I am willing to take book review requests. I accept e-books as well as physical copies. Please e-mail me your request and I will get back to you as soon as possible. My e-mail address is listed on my "Contact Me" page.

I accept Young Adult, Teen Fiction, and Middle Grade books. I will read any genre EXCEPT non-fiction and erotica. Please send me a short summary of the book with your request.

I will give my honest review. I will not be harsh if I did not like your book, but I'm sorry-- I can't lie if I did not like it. I promise that I will hold nothing against you if I do not like your book because I believe that books do not represent an author's personality. If I do not like your book, I will not personally attack you. I know this sounds scary and a bit strange to have as a policy, but I have seen authors be attacked based on their books and I will not do that.

If you request that I review a book that is not yet published, please let me know the release date so I can time my review accurately.

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